Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank You!

The appreciation I feel for everyone that helped with my campaign is difficult to express in a few short words.  The way this campaign came together was truly heart warming.  The volunteers and support from McCall to Idaho City from Letha to Leadore is what it took to win.  I am proud and very humble to continue to work for you as your Idaho State Representative.

            To say thank you, does not seem enough, although, it is a start.  Thank you to all who offered your help.  Thank you to all who asked for signs and put them up in your yards and windows and to all who contributed money, time, talents, and prayers.  Thank you, Dave Kirk, for being my treasurer.  Most importantly, thank you to all who went to the polls and voted.

Warmest Regards,

Terry F. Gestrin

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Vision for the Future

Limit Government So Idahoans May Live...Prosperous, Productive, Peaceful Lives

Welcome to Gestrin for Idaho!  House of Representatives Seat A, District 8 in 2012.  I'm Terry Gestrin and I'm proud to be running for this position in an effort to represent the true interest of Idahoans. My views haven't changed much, but I've found it to be a valuable learning experience to listen to you from both in and out of a public service position. As you'll hear me say often, "To know where we are going, we must first know were we have been!"

Just some quick background on me - I'm proud to claim my heritage as a fourth generation Idahoan and Valley County resident. I've been happily married for 37 years to my wife Sheri, and together we have raised two wonderful daughters Robin and Deidre, and our foster-daughter Valerie. Life just gets better, as we now have added to our family Robin's husband Joe, and grandchildren Carly and Cy. Sheri and I own and operate Long Valley Farm Service in Donnelly, Idaho, continuing the family tradition begun by my parents Francis and Dorothy Gestrin in 1956. In our leisure time we enjoy escaping to the wild river back country, the South Fork of the Salmon River, to our modest sleeping cabin which survived the devastating fires of 2007. Every day is indeed a treasure.
 (My complete professional resume is included at the end of this blog).

Where Have We Been? 
I'm more than a little disturbed at what I'm seeing in politics these days, and I don't believe it is representative of what you and I stand for, especially during difficult times.  We've been through, and are still going through some of the toughest times economically that we've experienced in decades. But in Valley County, as well as in Idaho, I don't believe we tend to judge our neighbors harshly, and I hope we are more about looking for solutions than looking for who to blame. Pointing fingers and hating seems a waste of time and emotion to me.

I come from a business background, where common sense and hard work, as well as making some hard decisions come first. I still believe in limited government and limited intrusion into our lives. Should we give up on that?  I am not about to turn my back on the very values that our forefathers crafted into our Constitution; that the pioneers of this country and this state shed their blood, sweat and tears to maintain for our benefit. Limiting government is more than a slogan.  It is a standard that when put into practice is hard, incredibly hard. It means reversing a machine that has been going in the wrong regulatory direction.  Now we are to the point of strip-searching our grandmothers at airport terminals?  Limiting government is the right choice. It's the right and the only way to start digging our way back out of this spiral. And NOW, before it has gone too far. We can only do it by putting the people in office that have the backbone to make those hard decisions.

I'm ready. Are you?

 Common Sense Use of Natural Resources

This is an area near and dear to my heart. I believe we have the knowledge, experience, and proven track record that can and should be used for our economic and environmental viability; at the local and state levels. I don't believe in decimating our lands held in trust for the use of recreation, resource extraction, and wildlife habitation.  I  believe it is imperative that we continue to share in the use and and management of our public lands.  Idahoans know best how to manage Idaho lands and water.

I've said for years that the Northern Canadian grey wolf was illegally introduced into Idaho, decimates our elk herds and continues to damage our livestock industry and our economy.  We had our own timber wolves which were not extinct. 

Timber production and forestry management practices needs to return to the common sense practices that operated for over 75. We can learn from past mistakes to produce healthy economies and beautiful healthy forests and clean water.  It can be much better than before.

Mineral extraction on the other hand has grown into an industry that has learned how to return the land to not only previous viability but even better and more prosperous land uses after extraction has been completed. Have you been following the market on gold, silver, copper and other natural metals that we have an abundance of here in Idaho? Is there a reason we are regulating ourselves out of the market and choking off yet another precious lifeline of economic and environmental possibilities?

I need your help. Join me in leading Idaho to a new future.

Where Are We Going?

It's time to take a hard look at where we are going. If we stay on this path, where we have been, the rich heritage we share, may well have been for nothing, and that's a pretty negative picture. I like to think we have a much more positive outlook ahead of us.  I'd like to believe you and I are pretty much alike. We work hard, we love family and friends, we care about our neighbors and our community and we are proud of this great State of Idaho that we call home. I'm an Idaho Republican, conservative, right of center but not extreme right.  I'm not about big government, making a big name for myself, or allowing big interests to buy me or you.

I stand for common sense natural resource management, private property rights, state's rights, free market, reduction in government regulations, the right to own and bear arms, intelligent use of natural resources, and I am pro-life.


I want to represent you in the Idaho State House of Representatives District 8, and I truly believe you will be fairly, accurately and accountably represented. My Vision For The Future - Limit Government so Idahoans may live Prosperous, Productive and Peaceful lives - are more than just words, they are my heartfelt values. Maybe I've mellowed a bit with age, but then again in some areas not so much! Time is of the essence.  Now I need your vote.

I thank you very much for your support.

Terry F. Gestrin
District 8 Idaho State House of Representatives, Seat A



Terry F. Gestrin
P. O. Box 399
Donnelly, ID  83615
Phone:  (208) 325-8844
Cell:  (208) 634-6450

January 1, 1984 to Present:  Owns and operates Long Valley Farm Service in Donnelly, Idaho.  LVFS is a wholesale-retail fuel and oil business with deliveries from New Meadows to Smith Ferry.  LVFS is a general store which sells plumbing, hardware, electrical, Purina feed, lawn and garden supplies, and live poultry in season.  This is a family business started in 1956 by F.W. and Dorothy Gestrin.

Board member of Idaho Foundation for Parks and Land for over 10 years.  Served as Valley County Republican Precinct Committeeman for several years.  Served as Chairman of the Valley County Republican Central Committee for many years.

Founding member and former Chief of Donnelly Volunteer Fire Department, building the community organization into a fire and safety and emergency medical technical responder service to rural Central Valley County until 2003 when it became a taxing district funded by taxpayers for its professional services. …

August 2008 to present:  Board Member of the State Insurance Fund Board.  Directs the policies and operations of the state insurance fund to assure that the state insurance fund is run as an efficient insurance company, remains actually sound and maintains the public purposes for which the state insurance fund was created.

January 1995 to January 2005:  Elected to Valley County Commissioner position with eight years as Chairman of the Board.  Served as a board member of Idaho Counties Risk Management Program (ICRMP) for 5 years.  

August 1980 to January 1984:  Started Valley Rock, a sand and gravel operation, in Donnelly, Idaho with a partner.  Responsibilities included bidding contracts, delivering material, placement of materials, bookkeeping, securing financing and collections. Sold in 1984.

August 1979 to May 1980:  Heavy Equipment Operator, Bryan C. Rambo Company, Nampa, Idaho.  Specific duties included operation of gravel hauling equipment and coordination of maintenance and repair functions with other work crew personnel.  Assumed position on temporary basis in order to thoroughly investigate career possibilities.

March 1976 to August 1979:  Sales Agent, Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company, Emmett, Idaho.  Responsibilities included sales of life, property and casualty insurance to clients in four-county territory; maintained claims service excellence for policy holders; developed new sales leads; kept policies current and assumed trouble-shooting duties.  Additionally, met with policyholders annually to update insurance coverage, promptly followed up on claims and service details, greatly reduced delays in settlement of claims,  arranged client consumer loans through associated Farm Bureau Finance Company.  Accomplishments included increasing sales by approximately 25%.  Prior to my employment, agent turnover was frequent.  Following improvement and stabilization of customer service procedures and prompt claims follow-up, agency realized growth.

December 1974 to March 1976:  Built mobile home  park in Cascade, Idaho.  Made financing and land purchase arrangements, submitted plans and specifications to local planning and zoning board for approval, obtained necessary licenses, constructed park independently and supervised labor crew.  Interviewed and assisted tenants, handled park maintenance details, developed park into self-supporting, profitable enterprise.  Additionally during this time period, performed variety of temporary jobs including heavy equipment operation and assisting parents in family motel and fuel business operation.

June 1974 to December 1974:  Partner, Kleint Logging Company, Donnelly, Idaho.  Responsibilities in seasonal operation included making timber purchase arrangements, utilizing heavy equipment to fell trees, preparing timber and hauling timber to mill for sale.

October 1973 to June 1974:  Performed electrical installation duties at Design Lighting Company, Pocatello, Idaho.  Worked 35 hours per week while completing college degree requirements full time.  Responsibilities at new company included design and installation of electrical fixture display area plus extensive customer contact and retail sales of lighting fixtures.  Additionally, maintained familiarity with various product lines and assisted customers in finding specific merchandise.

B.B.A. Degree, Business Administration, Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho, 1974.
Completed 6-month life underwriters training course while employed with Farm Bureau Mutual.

Fourth generation Valley County resident.  Happily married 37 years to wife Sheri. Two daughters, Robin and Deidre, foster-daughter Valerie, Robin’s husband Joe, granddaughter Carly and grandson Cy. Enjoy excellent health and active Idaho lifestyle.